Wing Wings

6 Jul

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past year or so. Anyways, I have a new review of a place called wing wings in the lower haight that i have talked about before. The only difference now is that it is open. The place was small and didn’t have a lot of places to sit but it still gave of a warm and energetic feeling that couldn’t be ignored. There were many people there which is always a good sign at any restaurant. When we ordered we weren’t sure what to get so the cashier/waiter helped us decide and explained the different sauces which was very helpful. Finally we decided on a batch of wings with wing wing sauce, one with buffalo hot, and one with angry korean. On the side we got biscuits and french fries.

To start of the meal we had the biscuits. They had hints of pepper and the cinnamon taste were great. Moving on to the buffalo hot sauce wings, the wings were pretty good, spicy and hot but lacked that last special touch to make the wing explode in your mouth. The spicy korean wings were sweet but was trying to be spicy and were puny wings with little meat, basically a poser wing. The wing wing sauce was a soy sauce and chile combination which is normally great but on these wings lacked a taste that would even make me want to eat anymore wings let alone the rest of the wing. I was disappointed by the wing that seemed to be there special wing.

Overall, the wings were not that well executed but were on the right track with a few tweaks. I would suggest not to go out of your way to eat at this place but if your in the neighbor hood and have a craving for wings it wouldn’t be the worst.


Wing wings menu

wing wings sauces


Moms wings

21 Nov


Don’t those look good. I will have a report for you in the next few days.


Moms wings

21 Nov


Just wait till she adds the sauce!these are worth $!


Moms sauce

21 Nov


These are my mom’s wing sauce that is so good. Sorry you can’t taste them.

Einstein’s in Toronto

1 Oct

Hula wing lovers,
Sorry for my lapse in posts but I have been very busy.So busy I forgot to tell you about my favorite wings so far.When me and my mom went to Toronto the first place we went to as you know was a total flub.Given the proximity to Buffalo we thought this was pretty sad. But we had not given up hope yet.We walked to Einstein’s Pub which sounds unfriendly but there was nice outside seating and servers.We ordered suicide wings and honey garlic wings.
As the wings came I was getting ready for another big disappointment. I was soon relieved from that stress and started thinking about another.How could wings in Toronto be better than San Francisco’s, that’s not realistic. But as I ate this amazing wings I realized it was true. The honey garlic wings were different kinda bland,but all of that was accounted for in the suicide wings. The other wing place we had gone to also had suicide wings and were very far from suicide.Thinking they wouldn’t be spicy I took a huge bite and was met by the hottest sauce I have tasted so far. I went from wingwhisper to wingwhimperer in that bite.I really enjoyed that their sauce wasn’t made with Frank’s hot sauce as many others do. The taste was hot and refreshing.
Overall this place is a total repeat and the wings are my favorite by far. Although I was disappointed that my home town hold its own against Einstein’s wings, I give this pub 10 stars out of 5.

Broken Record

30 Jun

Dear wing lovers,
I’m so sorry about the lapse in reviews but I couldn’t find the notes for the most recent review. Now since it’s been so long since my last review I decided to skip to the next one. Broken Record is a bar in the Excelsior. But they have a back room that you can just walk into. Although it is dark and loud the atmosphere is fun and has a good vibe. The small kitchen in the back serves only dinner. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for the food with only three people in front of you which can be frustrating.
They only have one type of wings. So we ordered the ButterMilk Fried Wings. When they came 30 minutes later I could tell the sauce was a secondary food on the plate. The wings were big @$$ and had some light salt on them. The chefs were smart to put the sauce so you could the right amount of sauce for you. The sauce was sweet and spicy and burned your lips. The wings had the perfect amount of meat but the sauce was way to sweet for me.
Overall this place was a little to loud for me and you had to wait a long time for your food and the wings were just marginal. I would say this is not a great repeat but if you are in the neiborhood then it’s a interesting place to eat.

St Louis Wings in Canada

9 Jun

Dear wing lovers,
I write to you from abroad. As a graduation trip from my mom we went to Toronto, Canada. Based on the proximity to Buffalo, the home of wings, we went to a wing place called St Louis Wings which is a weird name based on the fact that we were in Canada. It was a dark bar that had rude waiters in my opinion. While we ate our wings they left us in the restaurant and went outside for a smoke, talk about obnoxious.

The wings came with fries and garlic dill sauce that was in a package. I found this weird plus the wings didn’t have enough meat on them. We ordered two sauces, one called hotter than hell and one called suicide. We were scared to order these sauces because they sounded so scary. We just got the hotter than hell sauce in a little container that looked almost store bought.The sauce was tangy and vinegary and was only hot when you swallowed it and even then it wasn’t that hot. The suicide sauce was again tangy and a little hot. I never once thought of the word suicide as I ate the sauce.

We didn’t even eat them all. We only ate one each. That is definitely not a good sign. It didn’t help that the place wasn’t very fun or nice to be at. The strange thing was in all the blogs about wings in Toronto they said this was one of the best places, talk about no sense in taste. This was not a repeat.